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The harsh truth of the interior design field is the fun stuff (concepting, designing the layout, selecting furniture and finishes) is only about 30% of the design process. The majority of my day is spent at my desk, staring at the computer screen & cranking out construction documentation and paperwork.

While I was in college, I would spend hours clicking my way through design websites and bookmarking all the inspiring products pages I found along the way. (I have quite an impressive collection of bookmarks.) Now, when I get home, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer. But I wondered: What if there is a unique product I haven’t seen? Have I missed out on an amazing interior or building? What if I lose my connection to the inspiration and creativity that drew me to the interior design field to begin with?

I needed a cure for the daily grind. Many doctors, scientists, and health conscious people believe vitamins improve your physical and mental well being. But what is there to supplement creative well-being?

Hence, Design Elixir, your anti-dote for the everyday. I began this blog not only to continue to be inspired, but to develop professionally and share inspiration with others.

I’d like to kick off this blog by sharing a few blogs from my bookmark collection that inspire me.

Apartment Therapy. I love the “Home Tour” section of this site. Styles range from modern to bohemian. The vibrant colors of this Apartment in San Francisco are gorgeous. I adore their spin off blogs: re-nest, ohdeedoh, & unplggd. (Their 4th spin-off thekitchn is probably equally great, but since I don't spend much time in that room, it's not one of my faves.)

Crib Candy. Your one stop shop for the best design the blogging world has to offer. Editors scour design blogs all over world. Only the most delicious posts make the cut and are featured here. A recent post featured ADEX, a self-sufficient pre-fab home- I hope project moves from concept to reality soon.

Design Sponge. This site curates a collection of sweet (without being sickening), Anthropologie-like home d├ęcor and miscellany with a touch of mid-century modern. Browse through the DIY and Before & After sections for amazing re-purposing projects, giving found objects new life and creative solutions for rooms. This outdoor bench was made with cast-off office chairs and 1x4s.

DeZeen. Dezeen’s goal is to breaking the newest design products and news to the design community before anyone else. My favorite posts on this site feature conceptual renderings of projects from all over the globe. Take a look at this article about the Dorobanti Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Green Buildings NYC. This real estate’s blog presents legal issues and business implications of sustainable businesses. The main focus is, you guessed it, green building in the NYC area. But the information is relevant for designers and architects everywhere. What do you think about this concept for the vacant lot next to MoMA on West 53rd Steet by Axis Mundi?

Green Source is the ultimate time saver. Editors re-post the best articles found in the "sustainable blogosphere."

HAUTE*NATURE. This site is filled with innovative ideas for environmentally friendly projects, products, and art. I love their posts featuring products using ordinary or re-purposed materials in an unusual way. The “Sea-Urchin” chair by Studio Oooms is an RVS chair decorated with 8000 cable black ties. Aaa-mazing.

InHabitat. A blog dedicated to bringing sustainable design to the masses. With so much “green washing” it’s nice to find such a great source for product reviews and design advice. Check out “Green on 19 Townhomes” located in Santa Monica, California.

Jetson Green. This blog's focus is sustainable design. The goal is to help others become as “obsessed” with green design as they are. Readers are invited to email a contributor and write articles. Take a cruise through Vodafone's Mobile Solar Home.

MocoLoco. This online magazine has several posts a day dedicated to modern design. Categories include furniture, architecture, interior design, books, interviews and everything in between. I adore the color palette, white with bold accents of color ,used in the Matsudo Mansion by BAKOKO.

Yanko Design. This web mag covers all aspects of design. It's easy to spend hours upon hours on this site. I recommend checking in once a month for their "Best of" posts where the best designs of the past month are featured. Recent posts I love: "Twist & Shout" a door handle with a numbered-dial lock & "Reflecting Ironing Board" that transforms into a mirror when not in use (gen-ius!).

Coming Soon!

Design Elixir, a web log that is equal parts interior design, architecture, and fashion, will be launched August 1, 2009.Design Elixir is the ideal supplement for interior designers, interior design students, architects, and anyone else seeking inspiration or tips on entering the Interior Design community. Design Elixir is dedicated to finding and sharing all things I find inspiring in architecture, commercial interior design, fashion, materials, professional development, residential interior design, sustainable design, and trends.