Upcycled: Gray Pants

I am completely enamored by graypants.   No, this is not a post about a wardrobe staple, but about a conceptual design studio.  Gray Pants was founded in 2008 with team members in Seattle and Amsterdam.  Their design philosophy is to create responsible, whether it's furniture or architecture.

Watch the bio

Dumpster diving has never looked more appealing.

Here are a couple of gray pants creations to pique your interest.

scraplights, made from salvaged pieces of corrugated cardboard     

slice trio
the slice chair transforms flat sheets of plywood into simple geometric forms that redefine seating. by creating a series of slices, the ottoman glides between the chair’s profiles allowing it to shift into a lounge chair. the ottoman can be completely removed and rotated for use as a magazine

Watch them build the slice chair:

ScrapLights are available for purchase here and range from $179 - $1,400.  The StepLight and Slice Chair are also available for purchase.

I look forward to seeing more of their up-cycled creations!

I want to go to there

Summer vacation is on my mind, and here is a collection of cool hotels I wouldn't mind spending a few days in.  Visit the links to see more images of these well designed hotels.

The Opposite House
Beijing, China

Bulgari Hotel
Milan, Italy

Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile

La Purificadora
Puebla, Mexico

Seven Hôtel
Paris, France

Athens, Greece

Dar HI
Nefta, Tunisia

Interior Design Giants

I should have posted this in January, but better late than never.

Visit Interior Design Magazine's site to see the report on 2012's Top 100 Giants and visit the links below to see a showcase of their work.

Projects for Giants 1-10 slideshow here.
Projects for Giants 11-20 slideshow here.
Projects for Giants 21-30 slideshow here.
Projects for Giants 31-40 slideshow here.
Projects for Giants 41-50 slideshow here.
Projects for Giants 51-60 slideshow here
Projects for Giants 61-70 slideshow here.
Projects for Giants 71-80 slideshow here.

Looks like 2011 was a better year than predicted for many of the firms!  

I am so relieved to see things are looking up for the industry.  

Pretty Pleats Please

H ere are some ideas on to incorporate Spring's pretty pleats into an interior space.
Prada's Spring 2012 Runway

Folding Facade by BEHF Architeckten.
Elisabeth Stool, Deborah Folz
Contour Blinds by Helena Karelson
Bufa Chair Minimalist Seating Design
MOWO, Bufa chair.