Bathroom Supernova

I know, it's a waste of water but there is nothing I love more than a hot bath.  And a hot shower is my second love.  There is nothing more relaxing than steeping or steaming your troubles away in a hot bath or shower.

Which is why I would sell my soul to have a Supernova, designed by Sieger Design and manufactured by Dornbracht, installed in my home.  Insert sigh. Being a designer can be so depressing sometimes,  I see all these amazing products I can't afford.  

Bathroom fixtures are usually sold individually: a toilet, sink,faucet, etc- but never before have I seen sink, shower, bathtub, faucets and shower heads considered one fixture.

The surfaces are polished to a high gloss to reflect light. The basins and shower are illuminated with color changing LEDs. Another cool feature is the deck-mounted cascade faucet designed for the Supernova.  Until Dornbracht introduced the Supernova, cascade faucets were only available in wall-mounts. The amount of care and detail that went into this design is overwhelming.  Horizontal surfaces are cantilevered with hidden lighting to increase the illusion of floating.  (Photo, right) Counter tops feature a reverse knife edge detail.   Many of the surfaces have muli-faceted faces. Check out the sloping drain in the shower (Photo, below left).  The designers compare the multi-faceted faces of the Supernova to a diamond.

The designers call the Supernova an "island" because this free standing unit is not defined by walls and defies the concept of space. Water is fed from the center of the fixture which allows it to have a smaller footprint than most master baths.  And it is not just a beautiful example of space planning, it's a sculpture. 

Watch this interview of the designers and see the beauty shots of the Supernova in action here.

If you read my last post, you'll know that I promised to start posting twice a week starting in February.  I've sent out scads of emails for interviews and pointers for work related issues - but these things take time- it looks like I will have to move my (self-imposed) bi-weekly posting start date to March.  Tune in next week, I will have an extended post about Punk Interiors.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a devil to find and a deal to make...

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