Guest Blogger Introduction: Tim Roberts

Some may think contractors are "only the builders" and can not provide any design assistance, but I can't think of a better source for information and advice.  General Contractors have a lot of insight on what works and what does not.  As a designer, you have the vision and the contractor knows the means and methods to achieve your goal (& if the budget will allow it). Contractors are a wealth of knowledge for construction details and best practices. After all, they see hundreds (if not thousands) of projects designed by different architects and designers. 

It's important to understand the design/ construction process from the general contractor's point of view. And as a newbie designer, I want to learn from the mistakes other designers (and probably I) have made, so I can grow to become a better designer and team member.  And who is better to ask about common mistakes interior designers make than a general contractor? After all, they are the ones who have to build our crazy designs.

Design Elixir is happy to announce it's first guest post, featuring Tim Roberts, a Senior Project Manager at Buckingham Construction Corporation (this is also his first blog post ever). Buckingham Companies is an Indiana-based real estate development, construction and management company encompassing Buckingham Realty and Development Corporation, Buckingham Management, LLC, and Buckingham Construction Corporation. 

As a Senior Project Manager, Tim is responsibility for overseeing and  managing all aspects of the construction process. Tim's experience with a wide variety of commercial construction projects includes large retail projects, industrial facilities, medical facilities, and offices.  He is also incredibly patient with newbie designers, like me.

I am thrilled to have him as my first guest blogger.  Please continue to the post below  or click this link, for Tim's "Top 10 Mistakes Interior Designers Make."

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