Elixir Fix: Graft

GRAFT is a design studio that was founded in 1998 in LA by Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit and two more offices in Berlin and Beijing.

The name GRAFT was derived from the terminology of botany, the grafting of one shoot onto another genetically different host. The practice believed that the traditional boundaries of architecture needed to be questioned, as it continually changes when it engages with global and local environments

Graft has received all kinds of accolades for their work, from residential to commercial to humanitarian, including Contract Magazine's 2010 Designers of the Year.

If you are looking for inspirational work, follow the jump, their website shows it best.

My Graft favorites are Loft Hamburg, W Hotel NY, KU64 Dental Spa ( I felt the sudden urge to travel to Berlin to for a cleaning after I saw the images of this AMAZING space), & KU65 Kids Club.

Trust me, it's worth the click: http://www.graftlab.com/

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