Elixir Product Fix: Alkemi Recycled Metal Surfaces

Alkemi-acrylic is a gorgeous surfacing material with SCS certfied 96% recycled content & VOC free.  Alkemi-acrylic can be recycled endlessly after its life cycle, making it the ultimate sustainable surfacing product in the marketplace.

Alkemi Installed @ 2 Lads Winery in Traverse City
Architect of Record: David Spala
Fabricator: : Grand Valley Wood Products
Photographers: Pat Garrett, Paul Osborne
via Alkemi
Alkemi-acrylic is made using pre-consumer waste aluminum flake, solid surface scrap, and recycled acrylic.  Alkemi can be installed by a mill worker or caseworker with using with conventional tools and fabrication methods.   

Alkemi-acrylic is offered in sheet sizes of 36"x72” and 48"x96”, sheets are 5/8" thick.  Available in matte (a high gloss finish can be achieved by your fabricator) and 20 different colors. My favorite colors from their offerings are Lazuli (left) & Aquarius (right):

Lazuli 720
Aquarius 730

Things to keep in mind if you plan to specify Alkemi-Acrylic:
  1. Limited heat tolerance, Protective trivets should be used to protect the surface from hot pots.
  2. A stainless steel insert or transition should be used for installation of burners and cooktops.
  3. Stain resistant against most common liquids. Acidic liquids, including red wine, if left to remain on the surface for extended period of time can stain.
  4. Stains and scuffs can be sanded and polished off to restore the surface by qualified fabricators.
  5. Can be used horizontally or vertically in interior applications, but  will require full substrate support. 
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