12 Solid Surface Fabrications That Will Blow Your Mind

Solid surfacing is great for commercial applications, especially healthcare and food industry, because 1)  it's non-porous, 2) With proper maintenance, it does not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria, 3) it meets all of the 18 preferred characteristics outlined in the 2006 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities as an ideal healthcare surface to help facilitate improved infection control, and 4) it's Class Ι (A) fire rated. 

When you think of solid surface, you probably think about countertops, restroom vanities and partitions,  and wainscoting and wall cladding. Zodiaq is nonporous and when properly cleaned does not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.  

And you'd be correct, but you're a designer, why limit yourself?

Solid surface can be thermoformed into custom shapes and contours, sandblasted, routed, carved, and laser etched.  CNC machines can be  used to engrave solid surfacing to the most intricate detail.  It can be thermoplastically molded to create raised textures and patterns and three-dimensional shapes. Certain colors and thicknesses of solid surfacing become translucent when exposed to light.

With a little imagination and a great fabricator (the fabricator is key here), solid surfacing has nearly limitless applications.

Check out these amazing projects that prove solid surfacing isn't just for countertops:


Project | Raiffeisen Bank portrait wall panels
Location |  Zurich, Switzerland 
Design |   NAU Architecture, Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architekten
Product |   HI-MACS
Fabrication Method |   Thermoforming  & CNC Precision cutting
Fabricator| Keijsers Interieurbouw Horst
Photographer| Jan Bitter
Wallcovering patterns design: ROK, Rippmann Oesterle Knauss
Wallcovering patterns fabrication: Rosskopf & Partner AG
Wallcovering and joinery: Glaeser Baden AG
See more here.
Project | DuPont Corian Design Studio conference table
Location |  Philadelphia 
Product |   Corian
Fabrication Method |   Thermoforming
See & read more here.

Project | EUROSHOP
Location |  Amstelveen, Netherlands 
Design |   Yasmine Mahmoudieh
Product |   HI-MACS
Fabrication Method |   Thermoforming, Backlighting
See & read more about the show here.


Project | KPMG Office
Location |  Amstelveen, Netherlands 
Design |   Marcel van de Schalk
Product |   HI-MACS
Fabrication Method |   Carving, Backlighting
Fabricator| Keijsers Interieurbouw Horst
Photographer| M.B. Simons Fotografie

HI-MACS® Milan Design Week 2012 Urban Nes(x)t 

Project | “Home of the Future”
Location |  Urban Nes(x)t Show
Design |   Italian architect’s studio Bestetti Associati
Product |   Partition walls made from LG HI-MACS
See & read more about the show here.


Project | Cantilevered Bar @ “Cafeneaua Veche” (The Old Café)
Location |  Bucharest
Interiors |   Sebastian Barlica
Product |   LG HI-MACS
Fabrication Method |   Thermoforming
See & read more about the project here.

Project | Hogatec Fair, Germany
Location |  Zurich, Switzerland 
Design |   JOI-Design, Germany
Product |   HI-MACS
Fabricator| Klöpfer Surfaces, Germany
Photographer| Tobias D.Kern
See more here.

Project | Leaf Collection for Avanzini Group
Design |   Giancarlo Zema
Product |   Corian Eco-Concrete

Project | Peacock Chair, Colors + Lines, a feature at IDS12
Design |   UUfie & DuPont Corian
Product |   1 sheet of Corian!
More here.

Project | Corian Light Ball
Design |   soliDline
Product |   Corian
Fabrication Method |   Thermoforming
Watch this video to see how it's made.


Project | Bubblegum Chair
Design |   Stuart Melrose
Product |   Corian 
Fabrication Methods |   Thermoforming, Inlaying, & Seamless Bonding
More here.

Project | Seating
Location |  Bronx Museum in New York 
Design |  Acconci
Product |   Corian  
Fabrication Methods |   Thermoforming 
More here.

Which one of these projects is your favorite? 

Want to see more amazing solid surface fabrications? 

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