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I am always looking for quirky and clever hardware.  So naturally, when I stumbled across these clever designs, I thought it would be great to share the product love:

Ah wall plate covers- ugly little plastic rectangles (or stainless steel if you want to spend a little more) that mar the face of walls everywhere.  Until Bocci introduced the 22 series, these minimal outlets had me saying "Why didn't I think of that??"

Bocci 22 Series Outlets |  Installs in mill work or drywall. Available for Telephone, Data, Electrical, Light Switches, Dimmers, Speaker cables, etc @ Bocci or Karkula NY.   I have heard these are about $10 a piece- but for best seamless installation, hire a professional to drywall/mud/tape/finish.

Steelcase Turnstone Bivi Bike Hook 
Bivi Bike Hook |  $129.00 @ Steelcase

Why does a wall hook have to be utilitarian? Can a wall hook be a conversation starter?

 Unique and Creative Wall Hooks
Hang Wall Hooks |  $68.00 @ UnCrate
Axe Hanger
Axe Wall Hook |  $49.50 @ Meninos

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