Feather Your Nest

As I mentioned in a previous post, the BF and I are searching for a Mid-Century Modern home.  I believe list making and house hunting go hand in hand.  You make a list for traits your ideal home will have.  You rattle off a list of pros and cons for a home you just viewed. list all the things you will need to change or things you like in the house you just saw.  You begin to list the things you don't have but will need once you own a home. You know, the practical stuff you never needed before because you rent: rakes, shovels (snow and dirt), a lawnmower, an assortment of tools, etc.

Then there is the list of things you want.  A new TV, a surround sound system, etc.  For some reason most the things I want fall into the seating category - sofas and dining room furniture.  Here is my abbreviated wish list for feathering our future nest:

1. A Modern Sectional Sofa in a Neutral Grey.  We currently have a sectional and love it.  The BF and I are both tall and space is lacking in the living room.  The combined chaise/ love seat allows us both to sit on the couch with our legs up with out irritating the heck out of each other.

Image: Courtesy CSN Stores

2. New Chairs for the Dining Room.  If Emeco Aluminum & Eames Plywood chairs had a baby, it would look like this. The mid-century modern shape of this chair has a contemporary twist:  the legs, seat and back are aluminum, the reverse back can be oak or wenge stained oak.

Image: Courtesy CSN Stores

3.  Stackable Plastic Patio Chairs.  Available in an eight mid-century-ish colors, these chairs are 100% recyclable, cold, heat, chemical and UV resistant and suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.  And they're cantilevered!  You know how much I love that!

Image: Courtesy CSN Stores

4. A glam chair for my vanity.  Do I have a vanity? No.  But in my dream home I do!  Although this chair is available in other colors (glossy black, glossy white, transparent orange, and transparent green) the transparent fuchsia version is a sophisticated version of Barbie Pink- perfect for a make-up chair.

Image: Courtesy CSN Stores

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