Colors, Color Palettes, & Patterns, Oh My!

I've always loved reading the names manufacturers come up with for their various patterns and color ways.  One of my recent faves was a carpet collection named after different personality types, two color names that stood out in the collection were called Milquetoast and Alpha Male.  

My love for color naming explains why I adore the website ColourLovers so much.  Members of the ColourLovers community can create, NAME! and share their colors, palettes and patterns. I never know what to expect from the emailed blog posts I receive from Colour Lovers. Typical posts feature themed color palettes  or color palettes inspired by art or photography (see "Thanksgiving Leftover" email, Left). But ColourLovers is not just  for looking at pretty colors, blog posts include information about  color trends, history, science and psychology.

ColourLovers is a must read resource for anyone who works with color on a daily basis.   Add it to your Toolbox! Subscribe for the emails here.

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