Amazing Retail Space: Patrick Cox, Tokyo, Japan

I am crazy about retail store the Japanese design firm Sinato created for the shoe & accessory designer Patrick Cox.  (Discovered on DailyIcon's lovely website.)The designers kept the ceiling and floor planes relatively dark and instead of specifying recessed or track luminaires, their inventive lighting solution  is combined with the display which strongly emphasizes the middle plane, where the merchandise sits. The display cases remind me of a futuristic teleporting device.  As if the handbags and accessories where beamed in from another galaxy.  The form of the telescoping cylindrical pendants is echoed by the cove lighting cleverly concealed in the display cases' toe-kicks. The design is simple and sculptural- just like Mr. Cox's shoes.   What do you think of the design?


Patrick Cox, Tokyo Japan by Chikara Ohno, Sinato. .Photography: Toshiyuki Yano

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