Found! Bold Large Scale Graphic Surface Materials

My design radar went berserk when it clocked Lars Contzen's irresistible collection of wallcoverings.  I was so taken with the fresh, graphic quality of his designs, I immediately emailed one of my wallcovering reps and suggested they add Contzen's wallcovering collection to the lines they distribute. (Well, it may have been more like begging than suggesting.) His first two collections feature large scale graphics in bold eye catching colors and I can't wait to see the third collection slated for release this fall.

Floating Foam Wallpaper. Copyrights: Lars Contzen, Germany,

Equally irresistible are Contzen's laminate, glass panel, flooring and furniture designs.  I love the idea of combining laminate panels and flooring to blur the division between the walls and the floor as seen in the installation photo below. 

Copyrights: Lars Contzen, Germany,

Check out more of his designs at and if you'll excuse me, I have some more suggesting (begging) to do....

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