Leading a LEED Charrette?

I'm a big fan of design charrettes.  They are such a fantastic way for a group of people to brainstorm and piece together a great design concept.  I read an interesting article yesterday on GreenSource about LEED charrettes and thought it would be worth sharing.  So today's post doesn't have any pretty pictures, just a link to an incredibly useful article with multiple resources for organizing a productive charrette.

So without further ado, here is the link:  LEED Charrette Planning Guide by Real Life LEED

Now go get your charrette on!

If you don't know what a charette is, see this link for the definition.  This website is also a great resource to bookmark or add to your Interior Designer's Toolbox- it's full of great information for revitalization projects (think brownfield redevelopment or urban renewal). 

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