Boxetti Modular Furniture

Many people focus on the size or square footage of a space instead of focusing on function and smart planning. This especially true in the USA where urban sprawl and McMansions have gobbled up one of our most precious resources, land. In most of the world, space is a limited, precious commodity and most people live in very, very small homes and apartments. An average American home is a mansion in comparison (Seriously. Watch an episode of House Hunters International on HGTV. )

This is probably why the majority of modular, multi-functional furniture on the market originates for Europe. European designers understand a well thought out space that capitalizes on vertical surfaces, has cleverly designed storage space, and multi-functional furniture allows you to work and live within a smaller footprint. Multi-functional furniture that nests, folds, flips and transforms can be tucked away when not in use which providing more floor space for circulation. Ample storage allows you to organize and hide the clutter that makes a space seem smaller and chaotic.

I have one word to describe Boxetti, designed by Roland Landsberg: Smart.

Now that you've seen this, doesn't the idea of living in a studio apartment seem appealing?


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