Modern Modular "Mobile" Home

Internationally famous designer Werner Aisslinger asked the question, "How could a temporary and simple accommodation, coping with the demands of a mobile society and its nomadic lifestyle, look like?"

In 2002, he answered his question by designing  Loftcube, a solid and mobile living unit guaranteeing high quality accommodation.
Exterior & Interior of  Loftcube
Aisslinger's idea of the Loftcube evolved into the Fincube, a multi-functional, energy efficient, sustainably designed, temporary Smart home.  Fincube is constructed of sustainable building products, uses innovative environmentally sound construction techniques, and has a low demand for energy. Fincube is designed as a temporary unit, ideal for both urban and rural areas, it can be dismantled and rebuilt on a new site.  It is so well thought out and designed, I would make it a permanent residence!

The Fincube is built upon four height adjustable columns allowing it to adapt to any topographic condition.  The minimal foundation footprint keeps soil sealing and environmental impact on the project site to a minimum making it ideal for a temporary living unit. (Soil Sealing is the loss of soil resources due to the covering of land for housing, roads or other construction work.) Exterior building materials: European larch wood, Glass, steel foundation and mountings.

Only two square meters of space is required for the foundation.
The Fincube features a 360-degree glass facade.
Exterior wood slat cladding turns the Fincube into an architectural landmark, provides privacy and sun control.

The Fincube is heated with an energy efficient, high heat storage capacity from Austrian company Caladia. Caladia's innovative heating system is based on radiant heat which permeates the air and is nearly lossless; it generates heat only when hitting solid forms. The primary energy demand is under 130 kWh/m².

The Fincube is equipped with an intelligent bus system by Berker that connects all electrical devices via a control lead, allowing several devices can be controlled simultaneously.  The lighting, heating, motorized blinds and alarm systems can be operated with one control display. If you like, you can even call up the functions or status from your PC, iPhone or Palm. Moreover, you can teach your house to take care of itself in certain zones. By means of sensors it can detect good or bad weather, and can close the shutters all by itself if necessary. What this means is even when you are not at home you can be sure that your house is thinking like you- super smart!

Energy Efficient LED Lighting systems are used throughout. Fincube can also be upgraded by adding a green roof or a photovoltaic system to the flat roof. 


Fincube is available in three interior packages.  Fincube without interior furnishings, Fincube with interior "standard", and Fincube with premium interiors. The furnished Fincube options feature interior furniture designed by Werner Aisslinger.  Interior material include Swiss stone pine wood furniture, ceramic tiling, Corian, and natural textiles.

This is not just a spec project, the Fincube is real! The Fincube show house is situated on Renon, South Tyrol and can be visited upon request personal guided tours through the Fincube.
The Fincube is currently available for purchase in Europe only (sad panda!).  Because of it's modular  wood construction, it can be ready for occupancy 70 days after production release.

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