Not until I have my coffee....

In the spring and summer, I take my used coffee grounds and fertilize my plants with it.  I've never looked at them and thought, hmmm, if I melt down my creamer container & add some coffee grinds, I could make a cool countertop material. 

But the fellas @Re-worked did.  Reworked developed Curface, a 99% post-consumer recycled surfacing material composed of recycled coffee grounds and post-consumer plastic waste. Coffee ground waste from office, cafes and factories across the United Kingdom are gathered, cleaned and sterilized before being mixed and turned into sheet goods.

Here are the details on the material:
  • Standard sheet size is 2000mm by 1000mm (6.5' x 3.25') and available in 5 (.19"), 12 (.47"), 18 (.70") and 25mm (.98") thicknesses. 
  • Curface is comparable to composite wood boards, most woodwork tools can be used. (I'd verify the specific tools with the manufacturer before cutting.)  
  • Sheets have a matte pressed finish and should require no additional finishing. (No lacquer, no stains, no sealants = no added VOCs!)
  • Scratches can be sanded out with fine grit sand paper. 
  • Clean with a mild detergent and warm water, do not use any solvent cleaners.
  • Curface an not be exposed to excessive heat or boiling water. This will cause the material to melt and burn.
  • Visit this link to see the potential color range
  • Custom colors available for large orders

Curface is brand spanking new. It was officially launched March 2010 at EcoBuild in London and they are currently working on a coffee shop installation in Milan. I'm jealous. Europe always has the coolest products.  All I can do is sit back and wait for Curface to come to the US.  I hope it will be approved for use in commercial applications.

Here are some images of Curface chairs Reworked has created with designer Nick Rawcliffe. The ash wood used for the legs and back came from an Ash tree that was cut down back 2005.  I have no idea how much it costs, but Adam and Nick will sign the first 50 chairs sold. And look, they made cute little bears from the left over Ash wood ( I want one!)

For more information:

I wonder how many cupppa joes it takes to make a 4x8 sheet. And I wonder if you could do the same thing with tea leaves....

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