Project Crush: Dobpler ınteractive Led Wall by Skjelvik Design

As an active partner of the European Capital of Culture Project, Sandnes Municipality (Sandnes, Norway) decided to develop projects that actively engage everyone, emphasized the most important qualities of the city, created visual changes in the city’s image, created sustainable values building and enhancing the identity of a fast-changing society and used light as the artistic medium presenting the young and modern city of Sandnes. 

The result was Watercolours a collection of eight light installations throughout the city. 

All eight light installations are amazing and inspirational. But I would have to say "Strømmer" (translates to Streams and Flows in English) made for Snøhetta Architects in cooperation with Prototyper AS and Rasmus Hildonenis  is my favorite because it engages the community and encourages people to interact with the architecture. Luminous "shadows" are created in response to movement. The shadows mirror the actions of the passerby; walking, jumping, dancing, or bicycling.  (See images below, courtesy credits: Skjelvik Design2008 |  )

But it's not just a fun interactive wall.  It increases public safety. Sandnes' city center is divided in two by the railway line.  Streams and Flows is installed in a tunnel underneath the rail line and illuminates the walkway for pedestrians and traffic. It is also a testament to the energy saving benefits of L.E.D. technology.  The installation is composed of 27 square meters of LEDs provide light and the total energy consumption is smaller than 3 regular 60 watt light bulbs!  And LEDs have an amazing long life span!

Take a gander at this video of an adorable toddler interacting with the Dobpler Interactive L.E.D. wall.  This tyke is not alone, check out photo #8 to see child-like joy on the faces of adults interacting with the installation. If I ever see this installation in person, I would do the same thing.  Do you think you could resist the temptation?

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