Add Graphic Style To Precast Concrete Panels

Graphic Concrete is cast in a special membrane to create patterned, smooth, or exposed concrete slabs. Choose from Graphic Concrete's existing patterns or design a unique pattern for your project.  Check out the installation photos below.  Looks sharp, eh?

Left to Right: Nokia Parking House Säterinportti, Espoo, Architecture by Larkas & Laine, 2007. 
As Oy Sinikallio, Rörstrandinkatu, Helsinki, Architecture by MSVOY Architects, 
Artwork by Päivi Kiuru & Saamuli Naamanka, 2003.
Products line includes:
  • GC Collection- Patterned and textured surfaces.
  • GC Pro - Repetitive patterns and textured surfaces.
  • GC Art & Design- Images created by designers and then applied to concrete surfaces.
  • GC Smooth- A matte-like and nearly pore-free surface.
  • GC Expose -  Smooth and shallow exposed fine aggregate finish.
 Here's the link for requirements, instructions and brochures.

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