Free CAD Blocks

The CAD Block Exchange Network was a big time saver while I was in school.  It is proclaimed to be " the largest, most comprehensive 100% community built .dwg CAD block library on the Web."  The creators request you upload a block if you download one - but it's not required.  You will find hundreds (maybe even thousands) of FREE 2D & 3D CAD BLOCKS here.

CBEN's blocks come from the users, so you may find a block you already have as part of your standard block library, a 3d model of a Barcelona chair and occasionally a line drawing of a Pam Anderson (why??).  When I first discovered this resource, the search tool was not working and you had to search page by page.  But I checked before I posted and the search tool is up and running.  

There are 2 main drawbacks: 1) Some drawings do not have a thumbnail, so you have to download and open the file to see what it looks like and 2) Remember this is a user contributed site and some users may unknowingly (or knowingly) upload a file with a virus - so scan before you download!!!

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