Feeling Moody? Try Mood Space

I'm a big believer in environmental psychology, which is why I love Mood Space's product.  Mood Space uses a patented technique to combine light with art allowing  you to "design" moods.  Artwork is printed on acrylic panels and backlit with LEDs. The programmable color changing LEDs adds a sense of movement to the design. Create your own image or select a design from Mood Space's existing catalog (current categories include Sublime, Rapture, Shakti, Elemental, Euphoric or Elation).  I'm picturing a workout class with an image from the Shakti collection.  The lighting program would start out with cool colors as the class warms up, the colors would gradually change to warm tones as the workout intensifies and returns back to cool colors for the cool down. Where do you envision using this product?

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