Temperature Sensitive Color Changing Tiles

If you enjoyed last week's post "Liquid Floor Tiles by B.Lab", here's another fun (but not new) interactive tile for you to check out.  Moving Color has produced temperature sensitive glass tiles that change color. Moving Color's handmade glass tiles have been rated for floors, walls and countertop applications. Tiles are handmade. Standard size is 4"x4", custom sizes and trim pieces are also available. Decorative tiles and liners are available, to add a fun punch to your project (or if your project is a victim of value engineering).

Moving Color's current product offerings include:

  • Northern Lights™: Black at room temperature and changes colors when heat is applied. (shown in picture @ left)
  • Liquid™: Available in 10 base colors (instead of black) and changes color when heat is applied.
  • Watercolors™: The base coat color becomes colorless when heat is applied.
  • Tye Dye™: Multicolored & psychedelic looking when exposed to heat.
  • UltraBloom™: A textured version of the Liquid™ tile. Available in a variety of textures, this is my favorite product from their line.
  • Living Art™: Nature motifs like trees or a landscape is "painted" on the tile. The website shows a tree whose leaves shift from white to red.  A little cheesy but for every product there is a consumer...
 Click here to find a distributor near you.


  1. I love this, you, and your blog!! Keep it up!!! -ashley bourgerie:)

  2. Is this product distributed in Australia?

  3. Anon- I am not sure if the product is represented by any dealers in Australia. Currently Moving Color lists only dealers in the US & India. Here is the contact info for their New York Office for International Sales Inquiries:

    Moving Color
    U.S. and International
    916-337-6296 (Phone)

    You could also buy online @ http://www.movingcolorstore.com but I am not sure if they ship internationally. I hope you can find a source so you can use them in your project!