Have Design Elixir Delivered To Your Inbox

I am new to the blog-o-sphere/ css/ html world.  As I have been moving along with my blog, I have learned a few tricks and read a lot of web tutorials.  Because all the tutorials I've read said you should activate an RSS feed for your blog, I did.  Now that I have a nice little following and some RSS subscribers, I decided I should sign up to my own feed to see exactly what it was.

And it was UGLY.  I'm a designer, I can't live with that and neither should my readers. So this weekend I did some research,  read even more tutorials, and set up a beautiful email subscription for you, my Elixir Addicts.  So here it is, a beautiful HTML rich email that will be sent directly to your Inbox when new posts are published. 

Sign up @ this link or join the mailing list by entering your email address in the form  found in the top right corner of Design Elixir's home page.

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