Light Emitting Textile: Delight Cloth

Remember when fiber optic lamps, like the one pictured below, were all the rage in the 80's?  The first time I saw one, I was visiting my mother's family in the Philippines.  I was fascinated by it and when reached out to touch it and and received a pretty strong electrical shock. 
Despite the traumatic childhood experience, I remain ever fascinated by Fiber Optic technology.   And it has come a LONG way.  If you read my post Innovative Materials Delivered To Your Inbox, you know I wrote a college research paper about Litracon (a light transmitting, fiber optic embedded concrete).  You also know I wait with baited breath to receive Transmaterial's weekly email featuring their latest find.

As usual, last week's email blast featured an inspirational new product, the Delight Cloth, developed by Tsuya Textile and sold by LumenInstead of yarns, this textile is woven with thousands of fiber optic strands, which emit light. 

Delight Cloth can be hung horizontally, vertically, used for wall or ceiling treatments, even used for clothing.  Graphic and logos can also be embedded into the fabric.  Available in an array of colors, the only limiting factor is your imagination.

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