Cant is my favorite word.

I have an unexplainable attraction to all things cantilevered: stairs, cabinetry, pools, bridges, buildings, decks, chairs, if you can cant it, I love it!  That explains the pitter patter in my heart when I saw these beds designed by Daniele Lago for Lago, an Italian furniture manufacturer.

Clockwise from Left to Right: Fluttua, Fluttua Round Letto Air. & Tavolo Air, All by Lago.

Unfortunately, not all of the text translates into English & I can't understand a lick of Italian. But the cute animations helped me navigate the site & frankly- the work speaks for itself.  The Fluttua beds are supported by a single leg in the center.  The Letto & Tavolo Air Beds are supported by a clear material.  I'd love to own one of these beds, but first I need to find a place to store all that stuff under my bed...


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  2. Thanks for the link recommendation Julianna. Spacify has been added to my bookmarks.