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Designing a portfolio can be both a rewarding and frustrating process. If you're a recent grad or an unfortunate victim of the economy looking for a job, you're probably laboring over your Interior Design Portfolio or Architecture Portfolio.  Have you considered posting your portfolio online? Aren't sure how or where to post it?   May I suggest Coroflot?   

Coroflot is a great resource for creating an online portfolio, has a great blog, Creative Seeds, and is the largest and most active job board for creatives from all industries.  I like oohing and aahing over the 3D work and seeing what others in my field are putting in their portfolios (Know Thy Competition). It's inspiring. It's informative. It's free!

While you're there, check out this post A portfolio doesn't speak for itself, by Jim Best of Pensa.  Although, Jim Best is an industrial designer, the concepts are universal.  Tips are short and to the point. This post has 12 fantastic tips that cover Portfolio Design, Resumes and Cover Letters.  Well worth the click. 

If you want some feedback on your portfolio, I'd love to take a look - send me a link or pdf.

Need more portfolio design advice? Get this book:

Happy designing & job hunting!  

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  1. Creating a free free online portfolio is always a confusing and stressful task. Coroflot is a good idea and helpful also.