Design Crush: Ross Lovegrove

My senior year of college, I was working on a pediatric rehabilitation center for a class project. I wanted the center to be an escape from reality for the children and parents, a place where the anything was possible. Based on the idea that it's easier to move in a relatively weightless environment, my concept was 60's futuristic space-age and I "named" the center Flux which means to move freely as if in a stream. (Stay with me, I swear I have a point!)

While selecting furniture for Flux, I came across the Go Chair by Ross Lovegrove. The design was fluid, graceful, and futuristic. And I thought, everything I wanted my design to be was embodied in this chair. I was instantly smitten. 

Designs by Ross Lovegrove. Clockwise from Top Left: Mercury Ceiling Lamp for Artemide, 
2008. Solar Trees for MAKDesignNite @ MAK museum,Vienna, 2007.  System X for Yamagiwa, 
2005. BDLOVE Lamp for Barcelona Design, 2003.  DNA Staircase, designed by Ross Lovegrove 
and manufactured by Chistophe Moinat Design, 2003.

Lovegrove is an Industrial Designer known as "Captain Organic" because his work is inspired by organic forms and nature. He has designed lighting, furniture, bathroom fixtures, airplane seating, water bottles, and the list goes on. A few of the companies he has designed for include: Airbus industries, Apple, Artemide, Herman Miller, Kartell, Knoll, Luceplan, Moroso, Olympus Cameras, Tag Heuer, & Vitra. He's won oodles of awards and his work has been featured in exhibits all over the globe. (Am I gushing?)

I would give my eyeteeth to own just ONE of his pieces- for now, I will settle for this book: Supernatural: The Work of Ross Lovegrove.  This book was written by Ross Lovegrove and includes an overview of his career and in depth project descriptions for  released and unreleased projects.

Do you have a design crush on Lovegrove too?  See the links below for more info.
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Read these interviews w/ Ross Lovegrove:'s Interview With Lovegrove asks fun questions, like his favorite time of day, what he would never wear, and what he is currently listening to (In 2006, he was jamming to Justin Timberlake- did not expect that!)

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