Liquid Floor Tiles by B.Lab

This is by no means a new product, but it's fun and worth mentioning. B.lab, an Italian manufacturer, has a product called B-surfaces, it's a floor tile that has a layer of liquid beneath a clear coating.  When pressure is applied to the surface of the tile, the liquid moves to an area with less pressure, leaving a negative impression of whatever applied the force for a few moments. (If you walk on the tile, your footprints will remain for a few seconds.)

We had this installed in a study area at my college and it was definitely a fun interactive experience.  This tile would be great for any place where children will be present. B-surfaces is sold under many different brand names: Liquifloor, Liquid Floor, Liquid Lava & Liquid Fusion, to name a few.  Tiles are available in a variety of colors and in  Watercolor (1 color), Bi-color, or Metal.  Tables with B-surface tops are also available.

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